The MyBubbl™ social distancing app

Safely and discreetly practice social distancing with notifications on your phone.

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Detect Others With MyBubbl™
Detect Others

Set up a digital bubble and receive notifications when someone is nearby.

Detect Other With MyBubbl™
Stay Safe

MyBubbl™ runs in the background as you go about your day.

Detect Other With MyBubbl™
Add Friends & Family

Limit notifications by letting MyBubbl know whose in your social circle.

Learn About MyBubbl™

Social distancing is not only scientifically backed, it's a non-controversial method. With many of us heading back to work and school, MyBubbl™ ensures that everyone is safe.

Why MyBubbl™

MyBubbl™ is much more than a personal notification system. It provides users a daily overview of their social distancing efforts. For those who want to social distance their way, MyBubbl™ enables users to expand the reach of their digital bubble.

What is MyBubbl?™

The essence of MyBubbl™ is simple: provide a transparent (absolutely no tracking capabilities), hands-free tool that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle through social distancing. If someone comes near you, MyBubbl™ will discreetly send a notification to your phone reminding you to keep a safe distance from others.

MyBubbl™ gives you the option to adjust your bubble size to close, near, and far. Since each person has a different lifestyle, it’s important to personalize and make MyBubbl™ yours as we return to public spaces.

But what about when I’m at home with family or friends? Won’t my phone get bogged down with “burst bubble” notifications? We’ve got you covered there too, simply register your loved ones as MyBubbl™ Buddies! These users will be granted exclusive access to your personal space so you can go about your day worrying about what matters.

Additionally, MyBubbl™ allows you to grade yourself on your social distancing! At the end of the day, you can open the app and review how many times your bubble was burst. With these numbers, you can analyze the effectiveness of your time spent in public.

At the store, at work, on the bus; no matter where life takes you, MyBubbl™ has you covered. Healthy habits don’t have to be a chore; MyBubbl™ is your subtle reminder, a beacon that keeps you honest about social distancing. By staying conscious of our closeness to others at all times, we can do our part in keeping everyone safe.

Why This Matters?

All things considered, we are firm believers that supporting public health is a team effort. We can all make an impact in our communities, so it falls to the individual to determine the size of their footprint. As such, the more MyBubbl™ users there are, the better the app functions so we highly encourage you to invite your friends and family to join us keeping healthy habits.

Whether it’s running errands or getting some fresh air, leading a healthy life doesn’t have to be a burden. Together, we can effectively go about our day enjoying our newfound personal space. After all, no one likes having their bubble burst.

Who We Are?

We are a team of doctors, executives, developers, and parents came together with an idea. In order to navigate a new normal, we set out to answer one question: How can we keep ourselves and our children safe and active?

What started as a desire to stay health-conscious would later become MyBubbl™, a quest to create a dynamic social distancing app through alerts.

Above all, we place great value on social responsibility and healthy habits. By building upon these core values we hope to take a step towards staying safe while staying social.

MyBubbl™ FAQ

MyBubbl™ uses Bluetooth to detect active devices nearby. If another device comes within range, the app will send a notification to your phone letting you know that someone has entered your personal radius.

Not at all! MyBubbl™ will never track you, collect data, or transfer your data with other devices. This type of functionality was intentionally left out of development so we can focus on what matters -- social distancing. The app simply searches for other phone’s Bluetooth signal. Nothing more, nothing less.

Nope! MyBubbl™ runs in the background so you can go about your day like normal.

Currently, MyBubbl™ only can only detect and react to other MyBubbl™ users’ devices. However, this is open to change as we add more features down the line.

Any time you leave home! Whether you’re at work, out shopping, or out for a walk, MyBubbl™ is there to keep you company and mindful of social distancing.